Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Puppy Deposit?
Puppy Deposit holds the puppy you want once puppies are old enough to be selected. The puppy deposits goes toward the purchase of a puppy.

When can I pick my puppy?
When you see puppies post on the site, they are available for you to choose. Or if we contact you and let you know it’s your turn to pick. ​Puppies are selected at 6 weeks of age. We suggest checking the site daily once we get close to the posting time. Puppies can go very fast; some litters have been adopted in just a few minutes and some have taken a week or two. You never know.

How do I pick my puppy?
You will be picking your puppy by picture and description. We can chat over the phone, and I can give you details on all the available puppies to help you make a choice. We do not show puppies in person. No exceptions, I’m sorry.

Can we pick our puppy in person?
Sorry but we only do selection by pictures and description via text, email or calling. On our Info page we have our "Puppy visitation policy" if you would like to know why we do not allow visitors. I strongly recommend finding a breeder that allows visits if that is important to you. I always tell people to go with your gut feeling.

Can we breed our puppy?
No. You are required to sign a legally binding contract stating you will not breed your doodle. If unauthorized breeding occurs, legal steps will be taken and the doodle along with any puppies will be confiscated as well as Legal fees and compensation.

Why can’t we breed our puppy?
Breeding appears to most people like an easy way to make money, and who doesn’t like puppies right!? Some money and fun all at once.... sounds too good to be true! IT IS! I have customers that get angry at me for making them sign a spay neuter contract when they are paying $$$ for a dog. I understand the frustration but on the other hand I had to follow the rules like everyone else. I had to search high and low for breeders with good lines that I could honestly purchase high quality breeding dogs and great family pets with breeding rights and not swindle someone’s livelihood out from under them. Because even though these are family members this also is our livelihood that took over a decade to get it to where we are now.
Breeding dogs is a science it takes tons of research lots of hands-on training and a lot of very sad moments when a dog has fallen ill or gotten injured, or a brand-new puppy doesn’t make it. It’s expensive, it’s intense, it takes up most of your life if you’re producing quality, healthy, family pets like these. Anyone can throw two random dogs together but finding homes for them...GOOD LUCK!

Will puppy be trained?
If that means potty trained, leash trained, command trained.... no. That's actually the job of the new family :)
However, your puppy will be very well socialized as I have a large family with 7 kids and many friends and extended family. Our puppies learn to be a family member first and foremost.

When do we get to see pictures of the puppies while we are waiting to take them home?
We do first set of pictures at approximately 6 weeks of age. You will also be picking at that time. Pups go home at 8 weeks.
We do not do videos anymore sorry, only due to a limited amount of time and high demand.

How likely is it I will get a puppy out of the next litter?
That all depends on the amount of people that contact me before you do when puppies are posted and the number of puppies that will be born. Neither of which can be predicted.

Will my puppy chew or bark?
Every dog is different, and these habits can be avoided and discouraged with proper training.
Our dogs are very quiet, and they have plenty of things to occupy them, so these bad habits have not been issues for us.

Are all doodles non shedding?
Due to dishonest breeders nationwide, many people have been misled and think anything with poodle in it will not shed.
Very wrong! In my experience: The more curl it has the less shedding. Wavy coats can go either way so I determine that by looking at parents and past puppies as each blood line can be different. Some wavy coats shed a lot, and some are almost none shedding. Some wavy coats will turn into curly coats at 1-2 years or after a few haircuts.

How often will I get pictures and videos of my puppy while I wait for it to come home?
We do pictures at 4-6 weeks when we start the selection process. After 6 weeks we typically don’t have time to do pictures. 6-8 weeks the puppies take a lot of time to keep up with cleaning puppy pens, feeding, socializing and customer care really amps up as it gets closer to puppy’s going home. In short, we are exhausted and don’t have time or energy to do photo shoots of wiggly wormy puppies. (And we get many requests daily!) After that you only have two weeks or less to bring your puppy home, so we typically do not do more pictures After 6-7 weeks.
Pictures are very time consuming and as much as we would love to give everyone daily picture updates it's just not possible with our busy lives, many little fuzz balls to care for around the clock and many customers to contact and assist.

When do puppies go home?
Puppies go home at 8 weeks of age after their first shot. Washington state does not have an age requirement for sending puppies home or for weaning but we feel it is best for puppies to stay until 8 weeks give or take a day or two. 

What comes with my puppy?
Your puppy will have: First vaccine and worming, small amount of food to last a few days, a heath guarantee, health record, spay/neuter contract and a small toy or blanket that smells like home.

Washington state Law does not require a breeder to administer any medicine or vaccines, we do this because it is ethical and best for our doodles health and safety.