We currently breed mini and petite goldendoodles. 
Please feel free and contact Carrie for the most current puppy information.
This is a family program and I partner with a few family members/households.
I will direct you to the most current litter and program information.
Adoption fee: $2400 - $3200
(we occasionally have discounted puppies)
Adoption fees vary according to sex, color, size, age and season.

Updated: 8/21/23

Available Puppies

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Health Guarantee: 1 year
By signing this contract and accepting the puppy that has been delivered, the buyer is agreeing that all terms are acceptable and
have been clearly stated. The buyer agrees that all communication has been clear, and the breeder has been available to answerany and all questions during the adoption process.
By taking possession of said puppy, the buyer is accepting the health, condition, size, coat type, and temperament of the delivered puppy referred to in this contract. The buyer agrees to take full responsibility for said puppies' health, veterinary care and general
well-being from this moment on.

Date ____/____ /____ Time: __
Puppy: ____________________

 The buyer agrees to give adequate food, shelter, exercise, health care, and love to the puppy they have chosen and agrees that the puppy that was delivered is the puppy they intended to adopt.
The buyer understands that Washington and Oregon State have no age requirements, weaning requirements, worming requirements, or vaccination requirements for puppies sold by a breeder to a private party.

See: Www.animallaw.info

The buyer agrees that this is a huge responsibility and is committing to the care of this puppy. Buyer understands and agrees that the buyer is fully responsible for all and any veterinary care, bills, fees pertaining to this puppy as soon as the buyer has taken physical possession of said puppy on the date stated in this contract for the rest of the puppies life or until it is rehomed. Doodles and More and anyone associated with Doodles and More is no longer liable for this puppy except after proof of spay or neuter has been received by the breeder, after which one year health guarantee will cover life-threatening congenital genetic defects only
(all three must apply at the same time).
 After proof of spay or neuter has been sent to Doodles and More, the buyer will receive a one-year health guarantee that will cover life-threatening congenital genetic defects only (all three must apply at the same time). This means the dog was born with a condition that was passed down from the parents and will, without a doubt, cause death. This must be proven by the buyer's veterinarian of choice**, as well as the breeder's veterinarian of choice**. If both veterinarians do not agree, then an additional veterinarian that the breeder and buyer agree upon will be brought in** to make a supporting diagnosis. All findings must support the conclusion that the dog has a life-threatening, congenital, and genetic defect (all three must apply at the same time) and will be
reviewed and discussed between the buyer and breeder. The only compensation is a replacement puppy of buyers choice out of available puppies or future litters within one year.
No funds will be given or returned from the breeder to the buyer for any reason, and no vet bills will be reimbursed for any reason
pertaining to this dog or this agreement ever. After buyer has physically taken this puppy on the date of this contract, Doodles and More is not responsible for any abnormal symptoms or illnesses, disease, parasites, physical defects, joint issues, organs, dental issues, temperament issues, vision issues, GI issues, skin issues, cognitive or skeletal issues or any other health or non-health
related issue not named here other than life-threatening, congenital, and genetic (all three must apply at the same time).
Any issue that is not life-threatening, congenital, and genetic (all three must apply at the same time) will not be covered by this health guarantee or by Doodles and More or anyone associated with Doodles and More at any time for any reason pertaining to said
puppy/dog. Buyer understands and agrees to these terms.
By signing this agreement, you are agreeing that you have read, understand, and will comply with this agreement.
Buyer: ____________________
Seller: __________________
** At the buyer's expense

Spay/Neuter Agreement:

ALL puppies are sold with a signed Spay/Neuter contract.
You will be required to sign a contract saying you have no intention of breeding your puppy and you understand you must have your puppy spayed or neutered no later than 8 months.
Immediate fees and surrender of the goldendoodle will apply in the case of unauthorized breeding.
$5000.00 per litter and 100% of any and all profits made will be surrendered to Doodles and More / Carrie Firestone.
Any unsold puppies and original doodle/doodles will be surrendered to Doodles and More / Carrie Firestone.
The buyer will be responsible for all fees, including but not limited to legal fees and any travel expenses.
All Doodles and more Puppies must be spayed or neutered unless otherwise approved by Doodles and More / Carrie Firestone.
The original buyer (person/s stated in the contract) will be held liable for all fees and conditions if said Doodle has been rehomed intact (without being spayed or neutered) by the original owner/s.
The Health Guarantee is non transferable.
The Spay and Neuter contract stays in effect even if said puppy/dog is sold, given away, lost or rehomed. The original owner will be held responsible to ensure this animal is spayed or neutered and is well cared for.
Doodles and More reserve the right to confiscate any puppies or dogs bred, buy or purchased from Doodles and More if found to be mistreated, neglected, used for breeding or abused.
The buyer agrees to all conditions stated in this contract:
By signing this, the buyer agrees that this contract is legally binding, and the buyer has been made aware and was given adequate time to read, understand and ask any questions as needed about said contract and to examine the puppy before purchase.
The buyer is overall satisfied with the appearance, condition, health and demeanor of said puppy, adoption process and customer service up until this point, practices, policies and, overall animal treatment from breeders and representatives. The buyer is
satisfied with the availability of the breeder, adoption/deposit fees as well as the terms and conditions set forth in this contract. The buyer agrees to abide by all conditions set forth in this document.

BUYER SIGNATURE:__________________

SELLER SIGNATURE:___________________

Vaccination Policy Change:
Due to several factors, we regret that we will no longer be able to send puppies home with the first vaccine. Veterinarians have been pressuring most families to re-vaccinate their new puppy during the first visit causing dangerous over vaccination. In addition, since the pandemic we have been receiving poorly packaged vaccines, out of date vaccines or soon to expire vaccines and the cost has been going up substantially for unacceptable products and unpredictable delivery services. We are unwilling to risk the health of our puppies due to retailers' oversight.
Our adoption fees will reflect this change.

Health Guarantee