Doodles and More was started as a hobby by Carrie as her 7 children really enjoyed animals and there was a deep love rooted from her own childhood. As the business grew, her siblings John and Lauri became guardianship homes. Carrie`s children have also joined, giving each dog a loving home with the attention they all deserve.

John is Carrie's brother. He is retired and his love for doodles began when he took in our very first mini goldedoodle girl, Willow, when she needed a retirement home. After he had her he was hooked on doodles and the addiction began. He now has two more doodles girls from us, Eva and Daisy, and our retired stud Ronan. He has a few litters a year and he spends so much time with each of his litters, raising them in his home on his property in Kalama. 

Gracie is Carrie`s daughter. She was raised with dogs her whole life, delivering her first puppy at age 8. (under Carrie`s supervision of course!) Tilly, Stella and Milo reside with Gracie and her family in Ridgefield on a lovely 7 acer farm. Our Instagram is mainly run by Gracie.
Years later Carrie has built an amazing reputation in the animal community. We hope to keep producing enjoyable puppies for years to come.

We currently produce mini and petite F1b and multi generation Goldendoodles.

Your Doodles and More puppy has been worked with since birth to be tolerant, polite, obedient, and social. We lay the foundation for our puppies to be your lifetime companion. We welcome inquiries and questions you may have about owning a doodle puppy, even if it's not one of ours. Take a look at our website to find your lifetime Doodles and More companion.

Here at "Doodles and More" we have a passion for dogs, and we enjoy the slow small-town life tucked away in the foothills of Ridgefield Wa. Our 7 kids and 6 grandchildren are a big part of the hands-on socialization. Our children are ages 1-25 and as you can imagine they love puppies as much as you do.

Meet Carrie

Carrie with her first grandchildren,
Marlin & Fiona.

Gracie with her best friend Tilly.
They go everywhere together!

Travis (Gracie's husband) with past
puppy Bella, she followed him everywhere!

The dogs are a big part of our family. Any chance we can we love to get away and take our pooches with us.
It's been much work and excitement seeing our hobby grow.

Family is important and our dogs are a part of this family.

My Family

Wherever we go, Tilly goes. Wherever we sit, Tilly sits.

Tilly the Lapdog

My sweet granddaughter loves playing with the puppies at her house!


Tilly is my daughter Gracie`s sidekick, best friend and the sweetest dog you've ever met.

Gracie & Tilly

Sleeping babe with a sleepy pup. What more does your heart need?

Sleepy Snuggles

Grandbaby Zaylee can`t ever get enough snuggles when puppies are around!

Puppy Hugs

"in creating an ethical experience for families and our dogs"

Available puppies

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to be successful. Really.

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